AKA: weiner dogs, sausage dogs

SIZE: small

AVERAGE WEIGHT:regular dachshunds=12-24 lbs.  mini doxies=under 12 lbs.

TRAINING EASE: Dachshunds are known to be rather stubborn and tenacious. But needless to say, they are very clever and are said to "refuse to be trained and train their owner instead". All types are a little bit hard to train, but if the owner sticks with it, their dog will turn out to be a very well trained pup.

GROOMING MAINTENANCE: It is recommended that the longhaired type be brushed once a day, and the shorthairhairs be wiped down occasionally with a damp rag. The longhairs should seek professional grooming at least twice a year.

SHEDDING: wirehaired=low   short & longhaired=medium

EXERCISE: Because of their unexpendable energy, it is very important that a dachshund owner takes their furry friend(s) out for at least one walk a day, but it is recommended that all dog owners take out their dogs for at least one walk a day.

PROTECTION: dachshunds make good watch dogs because their bark is unusually shrill.


BEHAVIOUR W/ KIDS: Dachshunds are known to be very good with children, especially older,gentle kids. They are also known to do good with other dogs as well as with most cats.

ORIGIN: the breed(pronounced dak sund) was originally from Germany. The word "dach" means badger, which is why they are called "dach"shunds. They are bred to chase bedgers as well as smaller breed animals, such as foxes and otters. Dachshunds shortened legs enable them to dig and climg down the burrows of badgers.



 Dachshunds are a great choice of puppy if you are looking for a sweet, good natured dog who has a heart of gold. Dachshunds are wonderful house pets who are especially suited for those who have plenty of time to spend quality moments with their precious "sausage". They are good for experienced and inexperienced pet owners alike as they are adaptable, intelligent, and very social animals. Dachshunds have a wonderful sense of humor and they make time in the house very much enjoyable for all. They also are very good watchdogs due to their sharp, loud bark. They enjoy playing with older kids who are not as rough in their playing habits. They get along well with other dogs and enjoy the presence of other doxies.


 There are three types of dachshunds, and every one is unique and has their own characteristics. There are three types of doxies- the wirehaired, shorthaired, and longhaired. The longhaired doxies are usually noted to be the be the less aloof of the 3 and better with strangers than compared to the other two types. The common colorings of dachshunds can be brown, red, black, grey, black and tan, and black and red(see pictures below), but it all depends on their genetics. There is also piebald, which just means that there are two colors on the dog, such as white and black, or tan and white,as well as speckled-streaked, or a harlequin variety. Whatever color or fur type a doxie is, they cant help being cute.(pictured to the left is a red shorthaired dachshund.)


      Pictured here is a mini black and tan doxie. Awwww...


Shown here are two peibald, longhaired dachshund puppies.


A miniature black and tan wirehaired dachshund.


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