ok, we have come up with a few questions for you!!! just answer the polls below....



hi people!! 08/07/2008

hi this is fran!!!! we just wanted to let u all know that you all should check out the "What's New" page!!! We are holding a contest and we would love it if you would please participate!!! btw... please write more comments and tell us what we should do to make the site better!!! also leave comments about us , Han & Fran, and tell us what we should do better for the site!!! thanks...

Hi!!!!!! 06/04/2008

Hi everybody its Fran! Ok, we would like it if you would please tell others about our site! Our # of  visitors has been going down! Also, we would like it if you would please leave more comments! We want to make the site the way you want it!

Birthday Page 04/23/2008

Ok so you might be wondering where the Bithday Page went. We decided that for safety reasons, we would get rd of it. Sorry to dissapoint anyone!! :(

Our New Format 04/13/2008

Hey its Fran! As you have probably noticed, we changed the format of our site! We want you to choose.... On this blog, write a comment telling us which format you want, the new one or the other one! And while you're at it, also tell us anything else you want us to add or change on the site!


Hey this is han

i was just writing to say that we have added something new!!! We think it would be awesome if we featured some of YOUR puppies on your site!!! If you email us a cute picture of your pet(no it doesnt need to be a dachshund) and if we really like it we will put it on our "pet of the month" page. So send us your pics and you might see it posted on the site!!   (p.s. dont forget to tell your friends all about us) :)

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Hey!!!!!!! 04/02/2008

ok peeps its fran!!!!! also, we really need you to send us pics and videos, as well as comments and suggestions! you can send these to us either at our email address, , or in the Write Comments page !!!ok just like han said, NO ONE IS LEAVING COMMENTS ON OUR BLOGS, and even though we created our email and the comment page, we still REALLY need to write comments on our blogs!!!!! we really need you to leave coments so that we can make this site the way you want it!  ! ok by the way... our number of visitors is going down! so PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS SITE! we really need more visitors! by the way... we deleted the Puppy Fun page... but  WE WILL BE ADDING SOME GAMES AND MUSIC SOON. so keep checking back to see whats goin on here! ttyl

Post Title. 03/26/2008

its han!!! i was on and i saw that NO ONE IS BLOGGING!!! the only person thats blogged is one of our friends from school! WE NEED TO HEAR FROM OUR VISITORS!!! also please tell your friends about us because we need more visitors. visitors are vital in order for our young website to succeed!!!

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hi! 03/19/2008

hey its me fran. tell us what you think of the website. we want to make it the way you like it!!!

Han and Fran 03/16/2008

Dear readers,

please send us pics of your fav doxies!!! We'd luv to see them. At this very moment we dont have a real photo of Frieda on our site yet, but we will definitly try to get one ASAP!!! Please give us your opinions!!

-Han and Fran